Saturday, October 17, 2015

Resurrection Day Chapter 9

Anderson had described in great detail what he had planned for her and the thought of her in his hands was too much for him to handle; if he had to crawl then that’s what he would do to make sure she was safe.

BAU Headquarters –

“So beautiful.” He uttered.

He slowly unbuttoned her blouse as she lay motionless on the floor of Derek’s office.  His hands trembled slightly as he ran his hand across her lace-covered breast.  This would be his ultimate triumph over Derek Morgan and the others.  He’d take her body in the most intimate and violent way possible and when he was finished he would mark her with the same knife he’d used to assault Morgan. Then he’d slit her throat and watch her blood spill onto her creamy pale skin as she breathed her last painful breath.  He knew they would hunt him down and eventually catch him.  It didn’t matter, he relished the thought of the angry man’s dark powerful hands around his throat squeezing the life out of his body as he wheezed and grinned in his face.  He would have completed his mission to show them all just who was the smartest and her death would always remind them of just who he was.  He would rest in peace knowing that they would be consumed with their guilt for disregarding him as nothing but their errand boy with no first name.

“So beautiful!” He uttered again.

“FASTER!” He yelled at the cabbie.

“I’m sorry sir, I’m going as fast as I can! This traffic is a bitch!”

Derek ran his hands over his head again and again as he looked out of the windows over and over like a mad man.  He had to save her, he knew what Anderson would do to her and he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t get there in time to save her.  She wouldn’t see the trouble coming and he knew she had not paid attention to all of his attempts to teach her self-defense.  It had all been a joke to her; she’d accused him of being over-protective. But now, now he cursed himself for not forcing her to pay attention.  He checked his watch for the umpteenth time; he was still fifteen minutes away…he knew a lot could happen in fifteen minutes.

BAU Headquarters –

He wondered why women spent so much time and money on lacy things.  What was the fascination really? He thought to himself.  Only to be ripped off…

He felt the strap give under the stress of his pull.

…and be discarded like garbage in a heap along with the rest of their clothing…

He peeled away the material exposing her entirely now; he couldn’t help but gasp in awe of what he saw…what was his for the taking without resistance and without the need of force.  He only wished that he found pleasure in the sweet delicacies of womanhood. He much preferred his time with Derek; watching him squirm and fight against the pain refusing to show fear as he trembled under his touch.  He smirked as he ran his hand across her exposed skin and he wondered if Derek would be forthcoming with his friends about their time together.  It didn’t matter, he’d come and visit him in his dreams and then the two of them could reminisce together as he’d allow him to keep their little secret.

His hands moved slowly up her thighs pushing her skirt up as they went. More lace matching the ruined bra that now lay next to her head. He felt a rush as the sound of ripping material filled the otherwise quiet room.  He felt as if he were watching a scene from a low budget film as his hand touched where only seconds ago the lace had been.

“Yes!” He moaned.

This is what kept the smile on Agent Morgan’s face; the privilege to touch her there…he wished now that she were awake to experience the moment. No matter he was aware of the cameras placed strategically in each corner of the room, so he knew later, much later, the others would watch what he had done to their precious Penelope. 

“FASTER!” He yelled again.

He knew it wouldn’t make a difference.  The cabbie glanced at him through the rearview mirror and shook his head.  It wasn’t the first impatient fair he had in his twenty years driving and he was certain he wouldn’t be the last. So, he kept driving, dodging in and out of traffic as fast has humanly possible.

Derek checked his watch again…5 minutes… his body was betraying him faster than he wanted to admit. Still wearing the thin hospital gown over his pants that was now drenched in his blood he feared that he wouldn’t have the strength to make it out of the cab.  4 minutes…he wondered what Anderson was doing to her now…

Anderson had relieved himself of his clothes and he felt unusually free and powerful as he walked naked around his prey.  She still hadn’t moved held firmly in the darkness by the drug he’d shot into her neck.  She was totally unaware of her state of being and what he was about to do to her. 

He knew his time was running short they knew where he was he’d stuck to the Reaper’s M.O. he wanted them to come and see his masterpiece, the carnage and chaos that he and he alone had created.

“Sir, we’re here!”

The man glanced at his passenger from the rearview mirror. His head was leaning against the side window and his eyes were closed; he strained to see if he was breathing and he sighed in relief as he saw the slight movement of his chest.  Then his eyes opened slightly as his bloody hand held out several rumpled bills.

Hotch pulled into the parking lot barely missing a yellow cab that had pulled away from the curb.  They thought it odd that a cab would be there at this hour but inquiring about it was not their immediate concern.  The four jumped out of the SUV and began running at top speed toward the building.

Morgan cursed the fact that there were no longer any security guards in the evening hours due to budget cuts.  The only people in the building would be the mantainence crews and a few stray staff.  His bloody hand keyed in his code and the door sprung open.  Six flights of stairs awaited him but he didn’t care and he didn’t know where he’d get the strength to climb to where he knew Anderson was holding Penelope. 

Hotch noticed the blood on the key pad as he punched in his numbers; he didn’t make any attempt to explain it as the four ran through the door and up the stairs where the trail of blood continued.

Anderson lowered his body on to her as she began to stir slightly.  Good, he thought.  He needed her awake she needed to know that he was here on her…in her.  He planted a hard kiss on her lips as her eyes flitted open slightly.  He grinned against her mouth. She moaned as her eyes widened and she became aware of what was happening.  He broke the kiss and raised up enough to look into her angry eyes. She opened her mouth to scream but his hand clamped roughly over her mouth muffling her attempts to scream or speak.

She felt his other hand on her throat squeezing and cutting off her air.

“Now, now, Penelope fighting me won’t stop me it just gets me excited.”

She continued to struggle beneath him as he positioned himself between her legs.

“Derek fought me too but it didn’t stop me from doing whatever I wanted to him either.”

She shivered at his touch as he readied himself to do the unthinkable.  Both of his hands were busy which meant he was no longer armed so as she struggled her eyes looked around her for the knife.


She heard him call her name and it gave her renewed strength.

“Derek!” She screamed under the hand clamped tightly over her mouth.


Her team was here too! She felt new tears begin to descend down her face as she saw the glint of the knife out of the corner of her eye.  He lowered himself further onto her inhaling her jasmine scented cologne.  He didn’t see her hand move as he was consumed with the terror in her eyes and the sound of footsteps coming up the steps.  They were here, he was here; knowing that he’d beaten them and taken Derek Morgan’s most prized possession was almost as exhilarating as his skin touching hers. 

He turned his head toward the door he wanted to make sure he saw the expression on Morgan’s face when he saw the two of them naked on the floor that’s when he felt the sharp pain in his chest; excruciating piercing pain and his eyes jerked back to her.  She was smiling now an odd twisted angry smile had spread across her face as the pain increased like a twisting turning…

The knife; he’d set it next to her confident that she’d be in no shape to notice it and too afraid to fight him or move but he was wrong, terribly wrong he knew it now but it was too late.  He collapsed with a thud on top of her and just as things became black he heard her laugh.

The sight of the two naked bodies stilled him in his tracks as he yanked open the door of his office. Was she laughing? He thought to himself as he now had to force his weak body forward; the laugh sounded more like crying now. 

It was strange that Anderson had not acknowledged his presence surely he would want to see his reaction to him with Penelope like this.  Instead, he was still too still for a man intending to force a woman into an ungodly act. It was then that he saw the blood spreading slowing upon the carpet and he grabbed the man with the strength he had left and yanked him away from her.  She was covered in red smeared as if she’d been painted.  He threw the man’s lifeless body to the side and scooped her into his arms. Her eyes were glazed over in shock, fear and shame.  As he rocked her naked shivering body he felt the remainder of his strength leave his body as the darkness pulled him in and away from her.