Friday, October 16, 2015

Resurrection Day Chapter 8

“What have you done with Morgan?”

“Oh, so sweet! I love how you all care about each other.”

“Where is he, you son-of-a-bitch?”

Anderson confident that he had all the time in the world leaned against the door and eyed her up and down.

“Agent Morgan is indeed a lucky man. You are so beautiful! I never gave you much thought though; with all the makeup and colors…the hair…I really missed it, you know?”

“Get out of my way!”

She moved toward the door to show that she was not afraid of him.  He smiled and stood straight ready for her feeble attempt to get past him.

“Come on, don’t you want to party, Baby Girl? I want to party. I want to taste what Morgan gets to taste every night.”

The buzzing of her cell phone drew both of their attentions to the glowing display screen with Hotch’s name showing brightly.  Penelope grabbed it as Anderson shifted moving toward her.


It was all she managed as Anderson grabbed her from behind clamping a firm hand over her mouth as he held her in a death grip around her neck.

“Now, now, Penelope, we can’t have that just yet!”

He snatched the phone from her and took a long cleansing breath.

“Hello, Agent Hotchner, Penelope can’t come to the phone right now she’s a little busy.” He smirked.

Penelope struggled under his grip but he was too strong.  She could here Hotch’s voice on the other end as she screamed under Anderson’s hand.

“Please Agent, your threats don’t scare me.  I’ve already proven that I’m smarter than all of you.  I beat the invincible Derek Morgan and now I’m going to play with the lovely Penelope Garcia.”

Anderson threw his head back as he listened to Hotch’s continued threats to do him bodily harm and he laughed in response as Garcia continued to struggle.

“Yes, I understand why you would be upset, Sir, but I really have to go now.  Penelope’s really gotten me worked up with all of her wiggling and moaning.  I’ve got to relieve some pent up tensions and she’s just the one to help me with that.  When you find Derek let him know that maybe he and I can compare notes sometime.”

He ended the call and threw the phone across the room and crashing into the wall.

“Now it’s just you and me, Baby Girl…”

Home of Derek Morgan –

As the team waited for Garcia’s call back, Hotch thought that he also needed her to freeze Anderson’s assets so that he wouldn’t have access his bank accounts and credit cards. 


His heart stopped as he heard the man’s voice on her phone and her whimpering in the background.

“Anderson! Let her go! She has nothing to do with this!”

Hotch’s mind went back to the day he lost Haley.  He should have known Anderson would go after Garcia how could they have missed that?

“If you touch her, I’ll kill you! That’s a promise!”

The team gathered around their leader fearing the worse.  Hotch ran his hand through his hair as he tried to reason with Anderson.  He closed his eyes as the line went dead.

“Hotch?”  JJ didn’t really need to ask.

“He’s got Garcia.”

BAU Headquarters –

She felt his breath on her neck and the narrow blade of the knife as he slowly ran it up and down the side of her neck. His hand was still over her mouth.  He began to apply pressure to the knife causing her to stop her struggle.

“That’s right, that’s a good girl.”

He began to walk them backwards toward the door keeping the knife to her neck to remind her who was in charge.

“Let’s move this party to Derek’s office since he won’t be using it for a while.”

It was late and everyone who was not a part of the team had already left for the day.  She felt the tears falling from her eyes not from fear as much as from anger.  She wanted to kill him herself but he had the knife.

“Open the door.”

She did as she was told reaching a shaky hand toward the door and turning the knob.  The two of them stepped out into the hallway and headed toward the office two doors down.  Without being told she opened the door to Derek’s office and the two of them stepped inside. 

She made up her mind that he wasn’t going to take her without a fight and it didn’t matter what happened in the process.  She’d make Derek proud to know that he hadn’t wasted his time teaching her how to protect herself.  She’d prove to him that she was strong, that she was a fighter, then she felt the sharp prick to her neck and in seconds things began to slow and grow fuzzy then everything faded to black.

He was torn between laying her limp body on the leather couch or the floor; he chose the floor.  He stood over her for a moment before moving to lock the door.  He knelt down next to her and brushed a few strands of blonde hair from her face.  He wondered how many times she and Morgan had defiled this floor.  She was his now and after he was finished with her, he’d carve his name in her pale soft skin before he slit her throat.

Potomac General Hospital –

Derek felt the pain easing and transforming into numbness.  The nurses had finally left him alone and for that he was thankful.  He needed to get to a phone.  Anderson had whispered his intent in his ear just before he left him bleeding in the hospital parking lot.  He was going after Penelope to do to her what the Reaper had done to Haley and worse.  Derek had made her a promise to protect her for the rest of his life and he meant to keep it.  Anderson was so sure he’d beaten him and Morgan thought he had too but he made a mistake when he threatened her. Morgan couldn’t let him get away with that.

He held his breath bracing himself against the fight his body would surely put up once he began to get out of bed.

“I’m coming Baby Girl. I won’t let him hurt you. I made you a promise and I plan to keep it!”