Sunday, October 18, 2015

Resurrection Day Chapter 10

Defying doctor’s orders he’d left his room and now sat peacefully next to her bed each movement of her chest confirming that she was safe and alive.  He held her hand firmly in his grip as he waited for her to open her eyes.  Ignoring his pain and earlier warnings of possible re-injury if he left his bed, Morgan was where he needed to be and he vowed never to leave her side again.

Thankful that his team had arrived within moments of him finding her and got them both to the hospital although he remembered none of what had happened after finding Garcia.  Her unconscious naked body lying underneath Agent Anderson haunted him now and the memory would be one she would insist that he share with her.  His heart ached for her and the guilt of not protecting her reaffirmed that she was far more than he deserved.  He wanted to spare her the details and the true extent of her violation at the hands of that evil monster but it was now a part of her medical history.  For now he would just sit next to her watching and waiting until the effects of the drugs left her system and allowed her to fully awaken again.

Hotch and the others congregated in the hallway waiting for an opportunity to go in and see her.  They’d seen Morgan sneak into her room holding his arm closely around his body and obviously in great pain.  He needed to be in bed recovering but even in his weakened state they knew he wouldn’t be stopped.

“How will they ever recover from this?”

JJ was the only one brave enough to say out loud what the others were thinking.

“Time. Time and patience.”  Hotch offered.

“Is that what worked for you, Hotch.”

The senior agent looked thoughtfully into her blue eyes; they both knew it wouldn’t be that easy.

“We may never know what really happened to Morgan. The doctors say that he refused a rape kit.”  Rossi added.

“Do you think Anderson…?”

Reid ran a hand through his hair and leaned against the wall.  He couldn’t imagine Morgan being victimized in such a way.  Even knowing his history of sexual abuse as a child, Morgan the man had proven to be a force that was nearly invincible…no, no way would he allow anything so horrible to happen to him.

“We don’t know Reid and we’re not going to force him to tell us.”

Hotch looked around at each of his agents as a warning to not push Morgan for answers.

“He may not have a choice, Hotch.” Rossi added.

“Why? Anderson is dead. The case is closed.”

“You know the bureau they want answers and details!  He’s not going to be able to stay silent.”

Just as the discussion was escalating an older gray-haired woman dressed in green scrubs and a long white lab coat appeared from around the corner.  The group turned to face her.

“I’m Dr. Abigail Grisham.  You all must be here for Ms. Garcia and Agent Morgan?”

“Yes. I’m SSA Aaron Hotchner. These are, Agents Rossi, Jarreau, and Dr. Spencer Reid.”

Nodded greetings were given and received as the doctor began to give her report on the two. 

“How are they, Doctor?” Hotch asked.

“Damn lucky! Agent Morgan sustained multiple stab wounds that appear to have been inflicted to cause pain and not death.  He’s lost a lot of blood but no major organs were damaged. We need to keep him still and he may need a transfusion if his body isn’t able to replenish the blood supply on it’s own.  Our main concern is infection and the fact that he won’t stay still long enough to allow his body to heal.”

“That may be a problem.  He’s not going to stay put until the woman in that room is okay.”  Rossi added.

“So I’ve gathered.”

“How is Penelope?”  JJ asked.

“Ms. Garcia is a very lucky woman considering.  She was given a very strong sedative which had she been given any more would have killed her. She has some bruising on her lower body but we expect to be able to release her in the morning.”

“Was she…?”

Garcia’s Room –
Her eyes fluttered open and met the hopeful smile of Derek Morgan and her tears immediately began to well up and flow down her face.  Gently he brushed them away as well as a few strands of hair from her eyes.

“You’re here.”  She said drowsily.

“I’m here Baby Girl.”

“You look horrible.”


“Oh you’re still delicious to look at, my Sweet it’s just…”

“Shh…save your strength. The doctor says it’ll a be a few more hours before the drug is completely out of your system.”

He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it sweetly his eyes never leaving hers.

“I thought I’d never see you again.”

“You can’t get rid of me that easy.”

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“Don’t worry about me I’m just fine.”

Then the expression on her face grew serious and fearful.  He knew immediately that she would begin asking a million questions. 

“Derek, did he…?”

“Baby Girl, we can talk about this when you’re feeling better, okay?”

“No Derek. I need to know now! Did he rape me?”


“I started waking up and I could feel him…he was on top of me…his breath was hot on my face…his hands…his hands were touching me…everywhere…Derek I was so scared! I couldn’t move! I couldn’t breathe! I just wanted to…die!”

She was hysterical now and he stood to take her in his arms but she wouldn’t have it she needed distance not closeness.  Anderson’s face and hands and heavy body on hers was all that she could see now as she thrashed and ran her hands over her arms as if she could scrub the memory of the assault away.

“I’m going to call the nurse so she can give you something, okay?”

Derek pushed the call button and stood helpless near her bed desperately wanting to touch her and to kill Anderson all over again. It broke his heart that she didn’t want him near and that his touch only added to her distress.  He tried not to take it personally after all this was a natural reaction but he couldn’t help it. She’d always called him her hero but he was helpless now.  He’d been too late to save her this time and she knew it she said as much by pushing him away in shear terror and disgust. 

The door opened and two nurses entered followed by Dr. Grisham.  He could see the others in the hallway looking on confused and worried.  Morgan was quickly ushered out to join them.  He watched on helplessly as the door to the room was closed in his face. 

JJ watched her friend teary-eyed, as he stood helpless in front of them.  She couldn’t imagine what he and Garcia had endured.  He was barely standing yet he’d insisted on being here for her. Now he looked so lost that she felt her own heart break for him.  She watched as he turned toward them looking far away passed them.  Then she saw his legs give away as his body seemed to float toward the ground.