Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Resurrection Day Chapter 4

The team along with several other agents rushed toward the elevators and headed to the parking garage.  The feeling of dread overcame them all as they arrived on the lower level.  Rossi had arrived a few minutes before Morgan that morning and so he knew where his friend’s car was parked.  It was missing now and there was no sign of Morgan.  What they did find was the wallet of Mr. Neil Butcher, the latest victim. 

“He’s gone!” 

Hotch began looking around and pacing in frustration.  They had no leads and no suspects, nothing that would lead them to Morgan. 

Reid pulled a blue latex glove from his pocket and reached down to pick up the wallet examining it closely hoping for a clue.  Finding none and handing it to the forensic team, he walked toward the entrance of the garage.  He felt himself panicking and he struggled to regulate his breathing.  Morgan was like a brother and mentor and he’d relied on him from day one to be the strong one, invincible and the thought of him hurt or dead was overwhelming.

“What do we do now?”  JJ asked.

“We wait.” Hotch answered.

Place Unknown –

Morgan felt disoriented his head was spinning his side still radiated pain through his body.  The taser had caught him off guard and it pissed him off that he didn’t see it coming.  He never expected Agent Anderson to have the nerve or the inclination to attack him.  Why Anderson and why was he the target of so much rage that he would kill innocent people to get his attention.  The two men didn’t have a history, never had any conflict; in fact, Morgan didn’t even know his first name and he had not thought much of the man who’d only served to run errands for him and the other team members.  He seemed almost invisible unless they needed him for something.  Now as he lay on the cold damp floor, he felt somewhat guilty for holding the young agent in such disregard.

Once he felt stronger he tried to stand but he couldn’t.  His arms were bound together and secured above his head to a large steel bolt in the wall.  His feet were bound with layer after layer of duct tape then bolted to another large ring on the opposite wall.

“Hey!”  He yelled at the top of his lungs.  “Anderson! What’s going on!”

He tried straining to see through the darkness and around the room but there was nothing to see.  He struggled for freedom but it was useless.

“Anderson! You son-of-a-bitch! Let me go! You’re not going to get away with this, man!”

Then the door sprung open and Anderson stepped through the door silencing Morgan for a moment as he watched his captor approach him.  He saw the knife in his hand and he saw the glint of pleasure in his eyes as he dropped to his knees next to him.

“Exactly Agent Morgan, I am going to get away with this!  All of this and you know why?”

“No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me.”

“I’ll get away with it because you and your little friends, don’t even realize I exist! I’m nothing but your errand boy! You all even think I love kissing your asses day in and day out!”

“Anderson, just let me go!  This is crazy!”

“Crazy? Is that the best you can come up with, Agent?  You’re a profiler for god’s sake! Crazy!  Yeah, I guess you could say that but I’m going to have so much fun carving you up and the best thing of all, I’m going to let your friends watch me do it!”

Anderson pointed to the red blinking light overhead indicating that even now they were being recorded.  Anderson took great care in keeping his back to the wall but it didn’t matter if the team figured out it was him they’d never find Morgan in time to save his life.

Morgan squirmed trying to loosen the bindings around his wrist but nothing worked.  Then he felt the knife break his skin as Anderson pushed the knife into his gut.  The pain was excruciating but he was determined not to scream so he closed his eyes tightly and bit down on his lower lip and road out this first round of torture.

“Ever the tough guy, hey, Agent Morgan?  No screams, no moans, no begging for mercy?”

He smiled as he applied more pressure to the knife.  Morgan flinched but it wasn’t enough to satisfy the crazed man.

“I learned from your team that stabbing symbolizes the act of rape.  I didn’t believe it until now.  I feel so…so euphoric, right now!”

“Why are you doing this?” Morgan choked out over the pain.

“Because you ignored me! I sent you so many clues but like always you walked past me like I was invisible.  Even when you bolted out of the office today, you walked past me!”

“Don’t do this, man!”

“I studied the Reaper’s case file for months! How he learned to stab himself without hitting any vital organs. Now, that was tough! Foyet…that man was a true artist, I tell you!”

Morgan felt himself fading; felt Anderson’s eyes on him watching his every breath and taking great joy that he’d beaten the man that many thought was unbeatable.  Then without warning Anderson pulled the knife from Morgan’s body plunging him deep into the dark unconsciousness of his mind.

BAU Headquarters – Later –

The team had settled back at the round table while the CSI’s continued working the scene in the garage.  Garcia pulled up the security footage and pressed, ‘play’. The entire scene unfolded. 

“Why isn’t he trying to hide his identity?”  Reid asked.

“He wants us to know it’s him.”  Hotch answered.

“Why?”  JJ asked.

“Because he’s accomplished his goal.”

“I’m not sure where you’re going, Aaron.”  Rossi added.

“He needed to prove that he was smarter than us.  Once he stepped into that elevator he won.”

“Why Morgan?”  Reid asked.

“He feels the team has wronged him in some way; Morgan symbolizes the best of the best.  He’s strong, smart, invincible; the ultimate trophy.”

The team continued to watch as Anderson jumped into the driver’s seat of Morgan’s car and sped off with Morgan trapped in the trunk.

“So what’s next?”  JJ asked.

“Anderson has already reached his end game.  Anything that happens next is meant to break Morgan and us and when he does, he’ll kill him.” Rossi surmised.

“No! We can’t let that happen!” Garcia cried.

“Don’t worry, Kitten, we won’t.” 


Agent Anderson once again entered the small room.  He watched as Morgan lay on the floor bleeding and weak.  Slowly he approached holding the knife in his hands; still damp from his captive’s blood.  He again kneeled down staring and waiting for his victim to open his eyes. 

Morgan knew he was there he felt his presence heard him breathing close to his ear.  He tried to ready himself for what was coming but even in knowing it still did not prepare him for the pain as Anderson plunged the knife into his body finding great joy and fulfillment in the damage he created.

Again, Morgan refused to scream or beg he wasn’t going to give him that no matter what this maniac did to him.   He tried to remain still as he fought to endure the torture.  His team was coming he knew it.  He had to hold on and prove that he wasn’t going to let evil win. 

He felt the knife going deeper into his side and for just a second he felt his resolve wane.