Thursday, September 10, 2015

Resurrection Chapter 5

Anderson stood and smiled down at Morgan his hands drenched in his victim’s blood.  Morgan’s main objective now was to remain conscious and aware of his surroundings.  He knew that by know his team was searching for him but he didn’t know if they would reach him in time to save his life.  It was evident by the look in his assailant’s eyes that he was just getting started.

BAU Headquarters –

“I’ve sent Anderson’s address to your tablets.” Garcia announced.

The likelihood that Anderson had taken Morgan to his home was slim they all knew but they needed a starting point and time was running out.  It was evident that Anderson had been planning and waiting for an opportunity to take Morgan for a while now.

“Thanks Garcia!” Hotch began.  “Rossi, JJ, Reid go to Anderson’s and see what you can find.  Kate you and I will stay here and go over his office and talk to other agents that knew him.”

Everyone headed out following Hotch’s instructions leaving Garcia to continue searching for more clues.  The ride to Anderson’s was solemn with everyone running worst-case scenarios through their heads.

JJ began searching the bedroom inch by inch looking in the drawers, closets even under the bed.  That’s when she found a large flat box, which she pulled out and placed on the bed.

“Guys!” She yelled.

Ross and Reid came into the room and watched as JJ removed the lid and began to pull the contents from the box.  Anderson had collected dozens of pictures of Morgan; pictures of him at the gym, at work, coming and going from his home and even several pictures of him working on a fixer he’d recently purchased.

Rossi pulled out a handful of pictures that caused him to be even more concerned.

 “Look at these.”

He handed a few of the pictures to both JJ and Reid.  The two looked on troubled.

“Do you think he’ll come after Garcia next?” Reid asked.

“Maybe.” Rossi answered.

“Why didn’t he go after her first?”  JJ asked.

“She’s not who he wanted.” Rossi surmised.

“Her face is blacked out.”  Reid added.

“Look at all of this stuff!”  JJ began.  “He’s got a list of Morgan’s properties, pictures of them, his family’s addresses…” She continued.

Reid grabbed another picture buried beneath a pile of other things and passed it to Rossi.

“This is creepy. This is a selfie of him sitting at Derek’s desk!”

“What do we do now?”  JJ asked.

“Let’s head back. We need to give the profile.”

Location Unknown – Later –

Morgan flinched when Anderson knelt next to him.  He was pissed at himself for showing any sort of emotion or fear to this man who under normal circumstances was not his equal. He was so out of it that he hadn’t heard him enter the room.

“You’re awake! Good then we can begin again.”

“Anderson, what are you trying to prove? Even if you kill me you’re not going to get away with this.”

“I want you to admit that I’m better, smarter than all of you! I should be a part of the BAU, not you!”

Morgan tried to move from his position on the cold floor but he only succeeded in causing more pain. Anderson smugly grinned as he brandished the knife holding it to his throat and pressing lightly on his skin.

“Where should I start this time, Agent Morgan?  I know you’re a lady’s man I wonder what they’d think of you if you weren’t so pretty?”

“Anderson, please don’t do this!”

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t dream of touching that beautiful face of yours I rather enjoy looking at it myself.”

Suddenly and without warning Anderson plunged the knife into Morgan’s side causing him to scream out in pain.

“Yesssss!!!! That’s it scream, Derek!!”

Anderson had never felt a rush like that before.  The feeling nearly lifted him off the ground as he held the knife in place closing his eyes and enjoying the rush of emotions that made him dizzy with pure gratification.

“Ahhh… no more! No…”

“Whew!  This feels so fucking good!” Anderson whispered in his ear.

After a few seconds, Anderson slid the knife from his side and watched as the new wound gushed blood over his victim.

“You are an amazing man, Derek. I’ve got to go out for a while but I’ll be back. Try not to miss me too much.”

Morgan writhed in pain on the floor fighting desperately to remain awake but the pain made him long for sleep.  He was getting weaker as he placed his hands over the new stab wound. Then mercifully, he was pulled into the deep darkness and momentarily away from his current hell.

Anderson left the homemade prison locking the door behind him.  He was proud of himself he’d managed to beat the best of the best proving that he was indeed smarter and worthy of being more than their lackey.  He’d studied and perfected the work of George Foyet and now the BAU and especially Derek Morgan would learn the cost of ignoring and disregarding him.  There was still much more to do and he knew that now was not the time to celebrate or get over confident with his early victory. 

BAU Headquarters – later

“Okay, what do we have?” Hotch began.

“We found a box full of stuff on Morgan.” Rossi began.

Hotch and Kate began rummaging through the box.  Reid began taking the items from the box and creating order pinning them to the white board on the wall.

“Why is Garcia’s face blacked out? Hotch asked to no one in particular.

“We thought maybe Anderson saw her as competition?”  JJ began.

“Then why didn’t he try to get rid of her?” Kate asked.

“Maybe he’s mocking Garcia, just like he’s mocking the rest of us by not shielding his face on our security footage.” Reid surmised.

“He wants us to know that he’s smarter and that he beat us.”  Hotch added.

“Wait, let’s back up.” Garcia interrupted.  “It wasn’t until after George Foyet escaped that he made everything personal.

“Garcia, I think you’re on to something!”  JJ interrupted.  “The letters Morgan received…”

“Yes, exactly! We need to look at the Reaper’s actions after he shifted his focus on Hotch.” Said Reid.

“It all began when we got back from Canada, he was waiting for you at your place.” Rossi said looking at Hotch.

“He tortured me for hours before dropping me off at the hospital with Morgan’s credentials.”

“You nearly died.”

Garcia had done so well keeping her emotions under control.  She had to be strong and help the team find Morgan but now reality hit her square in the face and she felt panic overtaking her.

“We need to find him!”

Then Hotch’s phone rang freezing them all in place.


“Agent Hotchner, Agent Anderson here.”

Hotch immediately put the call on speaker.

“Where’s Agent Morgan?”

“Now, now Agent Hotchner, where are your manners?”

“What have you done with him, Anderson?”

“We’re getting to know each other. Just think when I’m done with him the two of you will have a few things in common.”

“Let him go! It’s still not too late to make this right.”

For the next several seconds there was silence on the phone.  The team could hear breathing on the other end.
“Do you know my first name, Agent Hotchner? Do any of you know my first name?”

They all looked around the room at each other. Rossi shrugged his shoulders and shook his head to the negative.  Hotch glanced at Garcia who began to type feverishly on her laptop. Hotch tried stalling until she found the information.

“Is that what this is all about? Whether or not we know your name?”

“I’m sure by now your little blonde techie has hacked into the personnel files and found out that my first name is Arthur.”

“Turn yourself in, Agent before this goes any further.”

“Not a chance, Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner. I’m not quite finish playing with my new friend Derek Morgan.  I’ve got to go now, if I don’t get back soon, he’ll worry.”

“Agent Anderson!”

“Goodbye, Agent Hotchner. Goodbye all of you.”

Then the phone went dead.