Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day Break

With Garcia’s life in danger, Derek must move past the pain of her rejection to save her life from an unlikely enemy.

Home of Derek Morgan – morning
Derek hadn’t slept at all. He was devastated by Penelope’s rejection. He knew that if she’d been herself last night would not have played out the way it did. Still, he couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that she looked him straight in the eyes and did not know him.

He’d refused to leave the hospital even though the doctors and nurses had banned him from her room. He believed that if he could just talk to her he could make her understand and to remember him and what they were to each other. After the doctor had left him standing alone in the waiting room, Derek had called the team to let them know that Penelope was awake and that she didn’t remember anything. He tried so hard to hide his pain but he was sure he hadn’t done a very good job, especially when he spoke to JJ who after talking with him, offered to call the rest of the team. The only consolation that he had to hold on to was the fact that the scum who had attacked Penelope and put her in the hospital were now dead and would not be able to harm her again.

Derek climbed out of bed and headed towards the kitchen to make coffee. He wanted to talk to Penelope this morning in hopes that she would remember him and everything else about who she was and about her life. He was so exhausted and worried it was as if he were on autopilot. He had just admitted to himself and then to Penelope that he was in love with her. They had decided to take it slow, day-by-day with no need to rush or force anything. The hard part had been done, that of admitting the obvious, a mere formality it seemed of which everyone knew but the two of them who were afraid to speak out loud what their hearts had known and wanted for the last nine years.  No matter what happened today, he was determined not to give up on her. She was his life, his love and it was no way in hell he was going to lose her without a fight.

DC General Hospital –
JJ wasn’t quite sure what she would say when she saw her best friend. Derek had called her the night before, distraught over the fact that she was awake but couldn’t remember anything, couldn’t remember him. He was one of the strongest men she knew but this was close to breaking him. JJ had run scenarios through her mind a thousand times as she got ready to come to the hospital. Trying to help her friend who had suddenly lost her entire life in less than 48 hours was her priority. She’d read stories and watched movies but she knew very little about amnesia.

JJ stopped at the door of her friend’s room and took a deep breath. Glancing through the window she saw Garcia staring into space with a sad lost expression on her face with the sound of the television playing low in the background.

Well here we go.” She thought to herself as she pushed the door open.

Garcia looked up toward the door and saw a beautiful petite blonde with sad blue eyes. She wasn’t dressed like the doctors or nurses so she guessed that she was either a shrink or someone from social services.

“Good Morning, Penelope.” JJ wasn’t sure if she should say more.

“Good Morning.”

Puzzled, Penelope watched the woman carefully approach her bedside.

“Do you know me? Recognize me?” JJ asked softly.

“Should I?” Penelope answered defensively.

“My name is Jennifer. Jennifer Jarreau.”

“Hello Jennifer Jarreau.” Penelope stared waiting for more from her mystery guest.

“I-I-…I don’t know really where to start.”

“The beginning is always good.” Penelope said innocently.

JJ chuckled thinking that the comment sounded like something Garcia would say, the old Garcia.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing. You just sound like a good friend of mine, that’s all.”

The two were interrupted by a male nurse who entered the room beaming from ear to ear.

“Good morning sleepy-head! I just wanted to let you know that I’m off duty but I’ll be back tonight and I requested that I be your nurse again. I hope you don’t mind.” Myles said.

JJ noticed the way Garcia’s face lit up when he came into the room.

“Hey, Myles! Okay. Thanks for being so nice to me and everything. I know I was quite a hysterical mess.”

Myles notices JJ and introduces himself.

“Pardon my manners. I’m Myles, Miss Garcia’s nurse last night.”

“JJ. Please to meet you.”

Myles takes another quick glance around the room and fluffs Garcia’s pillow and turns to the door.

“Sorry to interrupt. Pen, I’ll see you tonight, okay?”

“Okay, bye.”

“Friendly fellow.” JJ joked sarcastically.

“I like him. Besides, he’s the only one I know around here.”

JJ suddenly felt bad for making a joke about Myles the nurse. She felt terrible for Garcia realizing how frightening it had to be to not be able to remember anything or anybody.

“Penelope, I’m sorry. That was rude of me…”

“Hey, don’t worry about it.” Penelope interrupted.

“I can’t imagine how it feels to…”

“Not remember who you are? Well, it sucks! I feel like I’m in the middle of the ocean trying desperately not to drown. Feeling like the ocean is going to swallow me whole and there’s no one around to hear me scream.”

Penelope suddenly felt a rush of something, a flash of a picture. A woman was screaming; dark figures surrounded her, then pain and wicked laughter. The woman just screamed but no one heard her. Then she realized that she was the woman. Penelope brushed away the tears that began to fall. JJ noticed a look of confusion and terror cross Penelope’s face and she stood and moved to embrace her friend. Surprisingly Penelope did not pull away and the two held onto each other for several minutes.  After a while JJ pulled away and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Are you beginning to remember something?”

“I don’t know. I just saw a weird flash of something…a woman…me?”

“If you like I can fill in some of the blanks.” JJ offered hopefully.

“I’d like that.”

Myles sat in a dark two-door rental parked in the employee-parking garage. He pulled out his cell phone and called his employer.

“You better have good news!” Lynch barked loudly.

“Everything is going as planned, Sir. I’m in as a nurse assigned to her. She trusts me and before you know it, sir, you’ll have what you want.”

“Good. Don’t screw this up!”

“No way! Fate is even on our side, boss! She’s got amnesia and she doesn’t even remember her super-hero boyfriend and refuses to have anything to do with him so this is going to be a piece of cake.” Myles added boastfully.

“Don’t underestimate those two. My son did and he ended up dead.”

Hospital Room of Penelope Garcia
For the last 45 minutes JJ reviewed Garcia’s life as she knew it. Garcia quietly listened occasionally wiping away tears. She suddenly found herself missing the mother and father who she could not remember and wondered in amazement as JJ told her about her job and accomplishments with the Behavioral Analysis Unit, a specialized unit of the FBI. She cried uncontrollably at not being able to remember all of these things for herself.

“JJ. Who was the man in my room last night? You haven’t mentioned him.”

JJ didn’t want to upset her but she knew she couldn’t stall any longer. She couldn’t keep the details of her life and love for Derek from her.

“His name is Derek Morgan. He’s an agent on our team.”

“Who is he…to me I mean?”

“You two were…are very good friends…best friends.”

“Is that it? Because I sense there’s something more.”

“Well, you two are inseparable, always flirting.  We all swear you two are in love but you seem to be in denial…”

“Oh my God!” Garcia interrupted. “Is that why he was so upset last night?”

“He’s been by your bedside ever since you were brought in. We all tried everything to get him to go home and rest but he refused.”

Garcia sat back against her pillows and closed her eyes. How could she not remember this man? How was it possible to not remember anything about her life? Even sitting listening to JJ try so hard to give her the basic information about her life without tainting any real memories, everything sounded like some novel written by an obscure writer.

Almost on cue, Derek appeared at the door of her room. JJ and Garcia looked up simultaneously at the handsome man standing nervously at the door. JJ stood and looked at Garcia waiting for her to react to his appearance praying for some sign that she remembered Derek. Nothing, she just stared at him and tensed up as he slowly entered the room.

“It’s okay. This is Derek. He’s not going to hurt you.” JJ reassured her.

“De-Derek…I’m sorry about last night…I didn’t mean to…”

“Shhhh…it’s okay, Baby Girl. I just came by to see how you were doing, if it’s okay with you.”

Penelope couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous this man was. His brown eyes bore deep into her as if he were looking for something in her soul. As he slowly approached her stopping at the foot of her bed she saw a kindness in his face mixed with pain and disappointment. Somehow she regretted her hysterics. She felt safe with him in the room and knew he would not hurt her, quite the contrary he’d probably risk his life for her and perhaps had done so in the past. She didn’t know how she knew this but suddenly she realized that she was smiling.

“You are really handsome.”

Penelope was immediately embarrassed by her words, not knowing why she spoke what her mind was only thinking. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

“Thank you.” Morgan blushed.

“Uhh…I was just giving Garcia the Cliff Note version of her life.”

“You still don’t remember anything? Anyone?” Derek asked sadly.

“Nothing. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.”

Morgan so wanted to go to her and hold her and reassure her that everything was going to be fine. But he didn’t want to risk another episode of last night. His heart was breaking all over again as he watched her staring intently at him.

“Do you need anything? Can I bring you something?” He asked her.

“No. Thank you. I’m fine.”

Morgan wanted to say so many things to her. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her but he knew it wouldn’t matter. Nothing mattered because to her he was a stranger. She looked at him with such confusion and something else. Just beyond the tears that she was desperately trying to hold onto, he saw a determination, the fight of the Garcia he knew, wanting to remember but her present reality was too strong and so for now all he could do was be satisfied that she had not called for the Calvary to come and throw him out of the room again.

“Well, I better go before the staff has me thrown out. Your doctor has already warned me once that this room was off-limits.”

Derek looked away briefly trying to control his own emotions. His eyes met JJ’s and she nodded at him as if to say, ‘I’m sorry for your pain.’ He quickly left the room without looking back.

Penelope didn’t know what to say. She sat quietly looking down and finally allowing the tears to flow freely down her cheeks.

“You okay, Penelope?” JJ asked concerned for her friend.

“No. No I’m not.” She responded.

Penelope’s Room – later that evening
Penelope sat quietly in her room staring blankly into space. Her dinner tray sat untouched in front of her. She kept replaying her conversation with JJ earlier. She also couldn’t stop thinking about Agent Morgan who had stopped by earlier. Even though JJ hadn’t given details, she knew he had been something special in her life and she’d give anything to be able to remember him.

“Knock, knock.”

Myles poked his head in before entering her room. Beaming brightly he frowned when he saw the untouched tray.

His arrival broke her thoughts and she quickly looked up at her new friend eager for a distraction.

“Hello, Myles.” 

“What’s this? Not hungry?” He said pointing to her tray.

“I know hospitals are infamous for lousy food, but this has far exceeded lousy.” Penelope pretended to gag.

“Well Missy, I’ve got great news for you.”


“The doctor has written discharge orders for you. Tomorrow morning, you will be sprung from this place!”

Penelope could feel the panic well inside. Where would she go? She knew she couldn’t stay in the hospital indefinitely. But home? What was home? Better yet, where was home.

“Oh. Okay.” Her voice was shaky.

Myles seeing her sudden state of panic seized a priceless opportunity to further ingratiate himself into her life.

“Listen, tomorrow’s my day off. How about I take you home when my shift ends in the morning.” He offered.

Oddly, Penelope felt a little uncomfortable with his offer but she felt as if she had no other options. So, she accepted; what harm could it do? At the least she’d have a new friend. She hated the utter loneliness she had felt since waking from her coma and not remembering anything or anybody.

Mars Bistro –
Derek was hammered. He had been sitting alone at the bar for over an hour. He’d turned down three drop-dead gorgeous women’s attempts to get to know him better. The bartender was even beginning to get worried. He and the BAU team were regulars and Mars was a popular hangout for FBI agents. She had never seen him like this and she knew he wasn’t in any shape to drive.

“I think you need to call it a night.”

Derek was suddenly caught off guard by a familiar voice from behind. Turning slowly he looked into the eyes of his boss, Aaron Hotchner. David Rossi was also with him.

“Hey, what are you guys doing here?” He said turning back to his drink and taking a sip.

“We’re your ride.” Rossi answered shooting a look at Hotch.

“It’s still early. Sit, sit…I’ll buy you two a drink. He slurred.

Hotch shot a glance at the bartender and nodded his appreciation for calling them. The bartender acknowledged and brought over Morgan’s tab.

“Look Morgan, we know you’re upset about Garcia. Hell we all are but this is not the way to deal with it.” Rossi reasoned.

“How do I deal with it? Huh, Rossi? Tell me how do I deal with losing the one person I…just leave me alone.” He responded angrily.

“No. We’re not going to leave you alone. We’re family, we take care of each other and right now we’re taking you home.” Rossi added.

“Morgan you can’t give up on Garcia. She’s tough. You’ve got to be patient.” Rossi added.

Morgan laid his head on the bar trying to make sense of the last two days. Hotch placed a hand on his shoulder and the distraught agent slowly stood and steadied himself.

“Let’s get you home.” Hotch chimed in.

Rossi paid the tab, which included a hefty tip and the three men left the bar.

Home of Derek Morgan – morning
The sunlight glaring through the blinds of his bedroom window served as a sharp dagger piercing his temples that reminded him of last evening's pity party. His stomach wretched and he ran to the bathroom barely making it to the toilet.

After taking a hot shower Morgan noticed that he had missed several calls and text messages. He was even more depressed when none of them were from Garcia. One of the voicemails did however get his attention, so he returned the call.

“Sorry I missed your call last night. I was a little under the weather.” He said to the female caller on the other end.

“I found out some intel on the creeps who hurt Garcia. Seems as though they were hired by a Myles Butler, a mid-level hood working for some billionaire New York businessman with suspected ties to organized crime.” Said the friend on the other end.

“What would a billionaire gain by terrorizing a shopping mall parking lot? Derek asked.

“Actually quite a bit. They targeted Garcia specifically. The three that attacked her were hired to kill her and make it look like a random mugging! The only reason she’s still alive is because someone heard her screams and came out to investigate and they ran off.”

“What? Why? Who is this guy?”

“Revenge. Does the name Richard Lynch mean anything?”

“I know a Kevin Lynch.”

“Richard is his father. Apparently he’s out for revenge for the death of his son.”

“That son-of-a-bitch! He should be coming after me; I’m the one who killed Kevin!” Derek added.

“Care to fill me in?”

“It’s a long story. I’ll have to fill you in later whenever you decide to come for a visit.”

“I’ll hold you to that, Derek. Well I just arrived in New York to check out this rich guy. I’ll call you back when I know more.”

 “Thanks. I appreciate the help.”

Derek ended the call and headed to the hospital to see Penelope. He was torn on whether or not to share this news with her. She had to already be confused and terrified about her amnesia and he didn’t know how dumping any more on her just now would help matters. Besides, he had already decided to keep his distance until she regained her memory. If she didn’t…he couldn’t let himself think that way. His life without her was too painful to consider.

Penelope had left the hospital and she and Myles were now headed to Penelope’s apartment. She felt so many emotions flooding her mixed with flashes of images of people in her mind, hints of her past and present and she sat silently trying to make sense of it all, all the while Myles chatted non-stop about idle things. He sounded like a girlfriend that changed subjects without first finishing the previous one. She kept getting the flashes, the ones with Derek seemed bright and happy and then they would fade. So not wanting to be rude to her new friend she focused on his lightening fast one-sided conversation as they finally arrived at an old, well-manicured apartment building. She sat motionless, looking around desperately trying to find something that looked familiar.

Myles rushed around to the passenger side and opened the door to help her out of his small dark rental car. The two walked through the small courtyard and into the building, climbing the flight of stairs to her studio apartment. As she touched the handle and unlocking the door she took a deep breath, turned the nob, glanced at a smiling Myles and opened the door.

Myles followed her inside the cluttered brightly colored eclectically decorated home. At first one would think that it was utter chaos but upon closer examination it was very orderly with a place for everything. More importantly, he thought, it was the perfect place to die.

D.C. General Hospital –
Morgan headed toward Penelope’s room. Once there he saw a small older woman changing the bed linen. There was no sign of Penelope and so he turned and headed toward the front desk. The clerk looked up with a flirtatious smile eager to help him.

“Good morning! Can I help you with something?”

“Yes. I’m looking for Penelope Garcia”

He barely noticed that she was drop-dead gorgeous and this slightly irritated the young woman.

“Sorry you missed her. She was discharged about an hour ago.”

“You’re kidding? How did she get home?”

“One of the nurses gave her ride.” Then the clerk leaned in as if sharing some juicy gossip. “I think the new guy has a “thing” for Ms. Garcia.” She chuckled.

Derek was visibly upset and the clerk seemed to get a little satisfaction from knowing that she played a small part in that.

“What nurse? What’s his name?”

“Myles I think. Yea, Myles Butler.”

Derek felt almost light-headed. Myles Butler was the man hired by Kevin Lynch’s father to kill Penelope. He’d been right under their noses all this time! He could have killed her at anytime and now he was alone with her.

Apartment of Penelope Garcia-
Penelope slowly walked around her small apartment touching and examining everything looking for a clue to what she could not remember. The Picture of her with her parents as a little girl caused her to cry as she traced the figures with her index finger trying to remember. Myles watched patiently and quietly from the doorway.

“I’m sorry, please come in.”

“No worries. I won’t stay long. I know this is a lot to take in.”

“Thank you for giving me a ride…for everything really.” She continued to survey the room.

“It’s my pleasure.” Myles smiled behind her back.

“Something to drink?” Penelope asked her “friend.”

“Water if you have it. Thanks.”

“Well let me look.”

Penelope entered the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, the obvious place for bottled water she supposed.

Meanwhile, Myles pulled out a pair of black leather gloves from the inside pocket of his jacket and began putting them on. As Penelope was still in the kitchen he removed a gun and began screwing on the silencer.

Penelope suddenly felt a rush, a force that nearly knocked her off of her feet. She frantically grabbed hold of the counter to steady herself.

“Need any help in there?” Myles called from the front room.

“No. I’m fine. I’ll be right out. You want any ice?”

As if a page turned and pictures that once were black and white began to turn to bright vivid colors, Penelope began to regain her memory. It felt like it must feel to be a paralytic and then suddenly regain the use of your legs. She was overwhelmed as her life regained it’s balance and she was so excited to share her breakthrough with Myles who had been her constant since this nightmare began. She turned and rushed out of the kitchen, tears of joy streaming down her face, then, her heart stopped cold at the sight of the gun in Myles gloved hand pointed at her.

“Myles!” She screeched. “What are you doing?”

Morgan saw the strange black car parked in front of Penelope’s apartment building as he pulled up. Turning off his engine he quietly got out of the car and approached the building. He prayed he wasn’t too late. He’d give anything not to be too late. Even if she never remembered him at this moment he didn’t care. This was the second time that violence and evil had visited her at her front door and he couldn’t imagine what he would do if he were too late to save her.

“Penelope, come join me.” He motioned for her to sit on the couch.

“Myles why are you doing this?” Penelope was terrified.

“A mutual acquaintance sent me. You know Richard Lynch don’t you? Or maybe not.” He snickered.

“Actually, I do remember him. That’s why I came rushing out here to tell you I remember everything.”

“Well then you know why he would send me to kill you.”


Before he could answer Derek burst through the door just like he’d done so many times before on cases. His eyes trained on Myles and his gun drawn and ready to end his life. Glancing quickly at Penelope he moved fully into the room. Myles vision and aim darted back and forth between Penelope and Derek.

“Put the gun down!” Derek yelled.

“I can’t do that. Mr. Lynch doesn’t tolerate failure.”

“I don’t give a damn what Mr. Lynch tolerates! Put…the…gun…down!”

“You! You’re not supposed to be here! Why are you always around her?!” Myles yelled.

“Because I love her and I’m not about to let scum like you hurt her! Now, for the last time…put…the gun…down!”

Next, Myles made a move that cost him his life. He mistakenly thought he’d be able to shoot Derek and Penelope but he didn’t realize that Derek was looking for Myles to move, to flinch, even ever so slight. That was all he needed. Just like when he killed the Prince of Darkness. All he had needed was a mere flinch to justify putting six rounds into the madman. So, that’s how Myles’ life ended he made a move and Derek shot him emptying his gun and watching his lifeless body fall to the ground.

Penelope rushed to Derek crying hysterically. He grabbed her and held her into his arms rocking and whispering that everything would be alright. He kissed the top of her head and sent up a silent prayer of thanks.

The police forensics team was busy working the apartment when the rest of the team arrived. Derek and Garcia sat quietly on the couch. Penelope curled up and lying on his chest. JJ knelt down in front of the couple as the others surrounded them watching and insuring that they were okay. Derek had told them that she had regained her memory and so the smiles and tears this time were tears of joy.

Derek knew it would take Penelope a long time to get over this ordeal. He wasn’t sure what it would take or how long but they had weathered so many storms together and this would be no different. His mind went back to Halloween night. She had promised to make him love the special day just like she did. He had had his doubts and even now he wanted nothing to do with the ghosts, the goblins, the tricks or the treats. He pulled her closer and softly stroked her blonde hair and closed his eyes trying to banish the memories of the past few days. All he wanted to think about was his Baby Girl. He’d almost lost her but know he had her back and he’d fight, he'd do anything he had to do to keep her safe and to make sure he never lost her again.

Offices of Richard Lynch – New York
Richard Lynch looked out onto the city. He loved the view of the cityscape it soothed him somehow. It was late but he had no reason to rush home. His life had been so consumed with business and now revenge that he had no desire to leave the comfort of his office. He anxiously awaited the call from his trusted employee informing him of his accomplished mission.

He was startled at the light knock on the door and was pleasantly surprised when he turned around to meet the gaze of a beautiful dark-haired woman. Confidently he smiled and greeted her.

“Well hello. It’s a little late. Were closed for the day.” He said flirtatiously.

“I’m sorry. There was no one at the front desk.”

“How’d you get in the building?”

“I have my ways.”

She slowly began removing her jacket seductively and walking toward him. Her demeanor upped his confidence and he reached for his half-filled glass and took a sip.

“…and what’s your name, pretty lady?”

“My friends call me, “Elle.” A wicked slow grin crossed her face.

She reached behind her and pulled out a gun. Her smile met his wide-eyed shocked glare as she aimed and pulled the trigger.


“It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.” Rose Kennedy